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We realize our passion for water and shipping by designing and building modern and ecological watercraft. Comfortable houseboats, i.e. floating houses, as well as unique sports and recreational boats are built in our shipyard. All boats meet the highest standards, both in terms of functionality and care for the environment. Our vessels have all the necessary certificates, for example PRS (Polish Ship Register).

We use aluminum, composites and the latest technologies in the production of the units. We cooperate with the best manufacturers. Therefore, you can be sure that our boats are constructed with attention to every detail. We have extensive experience in sailing various water units and over twenty years of experience in building boats, so you can be sure that our boats are reliable, functional, durable and safe.

EB 850

Classic boat referring to the design of the beginning of the last century, powered by electric, stationary engines.
Length approximately 27.9 ft

EB 600

Sports and recreational unit, powered by combustion and electric engines, stationary and outboard.
Length approximately 19,7 ft, width is about 6,5 ft, draft is 1 ft.


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