Modern and comfortable boats, designated for all-year-round living.



Our houseboats allow for year-round living - we have designed them with the comfort and freedom of passengers in mind. The boats are equipped with all the necessary amenities. They can act as dwellings and be permanently moored or freely swim between ports. Houseboats are manufactured using the latest technology, with the concern for ecology. The use of appropriate materials guarantees high durability of the boat and ensures its easy and cost-manageable operation.

When designing a houseboat, we were primarily guided by the thought of providing users with the highest comfort and functionality. Our houseboats have ergonomic, spacious interiors that have been arranged with a high sense of aesthetics and design. All spaces are spacious. Houseboats successfully meet the standards of a cozy, functional apartment.

Our houseboats are modern boats that we build with the use of technologically advanced components. Their thoughtful design and the use of high-quality materials are crucial for durability and trouble-free operation. Moreover, while remaining in line with the most desirable pro-ecological trends, we equipped the houseboats with an electric drive. This significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the boat in relation to the costs associated with an ordinary apartment.

As our goal is to create a vessel that allows you to focus on the touristic aspect of the voyage, and not on boat handling issues, our houseboats are intuitively controlled, and boat operation is understandable and easy. Houseboat management is extremely simple, but at the same time we have made sure that the very high buoyancy of the unit is maintained.

We know how important a high standard is for a boat owner - we are sure that our houseboats meet these standards. That is why we give our clients the opportunity to see the uniqueness of these boats. Therefore, we have provided a charter service, thanks to which you have the opportunity to make a week-long cruise full of attractions before buying. While crossing the water route on the Warsaw-Tricity-Warsaw route, you can not only get to know all the unique features of our houseboat, but also have a wonderful adventure. We are sure that the experience during the cruise will be unforgettable.


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